About the Club

Club "City of Angels" is one of the most prestigious clubs in Gdansk, located in the historic Motławą near the Green Gate. Thanks to its spaciousness and modern interior (chart-topping design with zone sound system and audio effects as attractive light-and-wizulanymi), it is recognizable among the inhabitants of the whole Tri-City, as well as numerous tourists.

For our guests we provide a main hall for about 140 seats, VIP area with 50 seats and in summer days - Terrace with 80 seats. Each event in our club is the special moments spent with diverse music, addressed to all age groups. During our regular weekend events there is no shortage of various promotions and contests. Often events entertaining performances of artists who unconventional way increase their attractiveness.

Music club scene, "City of Angels" is also a place for concerts and live performances of stars across a wide range showbusiness. We are distinguished certainly open to ideas and suggestions coming from you - both on cyklinczych events, as well as thematic and events.

There odddajemy well-stocked bar, with professional service barmańsko-waiter, a proven, well-trained security and excellent DJs. In the evening and night we invite all thirsting for entertainment at the highest level, with over 21 years of age.

City of Angels is the largest gallery of ideas in the Tri! Come, see for and believe!