1. Right of access to the Club City of Angels are given to:
- those who are over 21 years of age
- those with an invitation issued by the Club
- Club card holders (such persons are allowed in first)
- representatives of state and medical services authorised on the basis of a valid identity card, after consultation with the leadership of the club.
2. Admission to the club is takes place on the basis of valid tickets or invitations.
3. People with VIP cards will be allowed in first.
4. Reserving booths or tables is payable depending on the location. Club management may temporarily waive the charges for reservations or to change the amount. People in the club can take places without reservation free of charge. The service has the right to ask clients to leave the booth, if it is reserved.
5. The fee for a table or booth reservation and the price for a ticket to the Club are not negotiable and are not refundable in case of leaving the premises.
6. Service can deny admission to the club to any person without giving a reason. Prohibited access will be particularly applicable in the case of:
- people behaving vulgarly in relation to club staff and third parties.
- people dressed inappropriately, i.e. hoodies, sweatpants, combat trousers, sports shoes, fan club items of clothing, etc.
- persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs
- those who are banned entry to the Club.
7. At the entrance to the club, please excuse stay calm if the security wants to check the contents of a bag, backpack, etc. Any action taken by the club's security is to ensure the safety of both clubbers and staff.
8. Participants may slide on a slippery floor or striking security elements. In case of partial or permanent damage to their health caused by slipping or impact with the above-mentioned elements, the participants will not be eligible for compensation becausethey join the event on their own responsibility.
9. For damage caused to the club, a member assumes full financial responsibility. A person entering the premises consents to his photo being taken and put on the website or websites at which the club is advertising. 
10. Entry into the club means automatic and absolute acceptance of these rules.

1. The club is a monitored object.
2. People at the club are required to behave in a way that does not endanger the safety of others.
3. Persons who enter and use the club must not:
- bring any kinds of beverages into the club,
- bring drugs to the club 
- possession and bringing in sharp tools and other items that may endanger the safety of people in the club, 
- putting beerglasses, bottles and other glass containers with drinks or for them in places not intended, for example, floors, toilets, etc. The staff will remove them, and the owner will not receive compensation for the lost product 
- entering premises and areas that are intended only for employees of the club.
4. Persons failing to comply with these rules and not following the instructions of the staff shall be removed from the area of the club - which can unambiguously be equated to a lifetime ban on admission.
5. clubbers MUST NOT LEAVE the property during Events – in exceptional cases security personnel will comply with clubbers’ requests.
6. In case of misconduct by the aggressive person, caring for the good of the club and guests premises, notify security, which will take steps to ensure the peace and safety of clubbers, as soon as possible.

If you think that the security or club employee is behaving wrongly and grossly against you or other participants - report to the disco manager (we will ensure that the club managers will also take an interest in this issue).

In the event of a breach by the Customer of the Rules of the Club City of Angels, and the safety, security or selection has the right to refuse admission or expulsion from the Club Client from participation in the event. Each time costs associated with the stay at the club will not be returned to the Customer.